Jon has been producing music professionally for over 15 years with extensive amounts and variety of projects under his belt. Working on projects from Pop to metal, from folk rock to indie rock, and many other genres along the way. The goal is to translate someone's vision into reality!

Starting on guitar as a young kid he started delving into the audio production world in the late 90's and opened up JRod productions in late 2001 and hasn't looked back. Coming from the musicians side he is well aware and compassionate to artists needs and goals while keeping a light and creative environment.

Recent clients include Darrlyl McDaniels, aka DMC from Run DMC, Bobby Blitz -Overkill, Tito Puente Jr, and International star Biba Singh to name a few.  JRod productions is exploring the world of sync licensing with songs signed to prestigious licensing agents such as Catch the Moon and crucial music.

Rocking Out with Darryl McDaniels aka DMC!